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    Distribution and logistics

    Distribution Centre Security and Access Solutions

    As a warehouse or distribution centre manager, your facility’s security will be a primary concern, especially taking measures to mitigate the risks around theft and vandalism. As industry leaders in automation products, BFT can help to support your loss prevention strategy by improving your site security with access control products.

    Our large product range can help with a wide variery of security measures from controlling external site access with traffic barriers, to adding an additional layer of security with automatic bollards. Inside your warehouse, Pedestrian Speed Gates can help to control access to different areas of your building.

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    Control your perimeter security

    When it comes to busy distribution centres it’s essential that you have control over who is entering and exiting your site. Often the perimeter is the first line of security and the starting point of any access control solution.

    Entry and exit to the site can be controlled by automating the perimeter gates with an automatic gate operator. BFT manufactures a range of special heavy-duty motors like the SP3500 sliding gate operator which is designed for intensive daily use. This powerful gate operator can automate gates weighing up to 3,500kg and is ideal for sites with large gates where reliability and power are essential.

    For busy sites which require constant access, an automatic barrier can provide an access control solution and an extra layer of security which could be vital to deterring trespassers or opportunist thieves. The Maxima Ultra 36 barrier from BFT is designed for intensive useage and can manage clear drive through gaps of up to six metres making it ideal to provide access for large heavy goods vehicles.

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    Warehouse Access control systems

    Controlling internal access to your warehouse and buildings can also be an important part of your security provision. Our range of Pedestrian Speed Gates can help to limit access for visitors whilst providing easy access for employees with a simple swipe card system.

    This access control solution can not only help to provide a comprehensive view of who is in or out of the facility but also a record of who has accessed the facilities within a time period. The Pedestrian Speed Gates can also be used to limit visitors and staff to certain areas of the building without the need for additional security or reception staff.

    Our Pedestrian Speed Gates come in a range of different styles suitable for almost any environment and are designed to be an unobtrusive part of your security provision.

    Pedestrian Speed Gate range
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    Integrate your access control systems

    You can integrate your existing systems with Bft products through U-Link, an exclusive Bft platform for creating wireless interconnected systems.

    Using U-Link (Universal Link) you can use U-Base 2 a software program created to monitor the operation of an interconnected automation system. It simplifies the management allowing the automation settings to be remotely monitored. U-SDK is a program which allows Bft products to communicate with Building Management Systems (BMS) via the U-Link platform. With an extremely simple syntax, this software translates external commands into the U-Link language.

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