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    Hospital parking systems

    At BFT Automation our parking systems experts understand the importance of an efficient and well-managed hospital car park. We know that in a healthcare setting, parking plays a vital role and should be considered carefully to meet the needs of all users. Getting this facility set up in the right way is crucial to delivering an efficient and smooth-running service for patients, visitors and staff.


    An up-to-date, efficient parking management system could have great benefits:

    • Reduce waiting times with an efficient flow through a car park
    • Provide a better experience for patients, staff and visitors
    • Elimination of unauthorised use and improved security

    At BFT Automation we offer exceptional hardware and integrated software ensuring our systems are easy to use. Find out more about how we can help you to create the highest standards of parking for your hospital car park.

    Parking requirements for hospitals and healthcare settings

    It is vital that parking is provided for users and that the parking facility operates in the most efficient way. A trusted and reliable parking system can provide the required solution to this complex balancing act.

    The hospital parking experience

    Often, the biggest problem that healthcare settings see with their parking provisions is a poor user experience. The parking areas you provide are integral to managing the needs of staff, visitors and patients.

    Parking usually comes at the start of the hospital experience and therefore it’s vital to make things as quick and simple as possible. This will can form part of the wider experience for the patient, staff member or visitor at the facility. We know that for some visiting a health facility is important so hassle-free parking should always be a priority. 

    Poor out-dated parking systems can have a knock-on effect on the practical running of the facility too. If there are problems with your parking management systems, this can lead to late attendance or even missed appointments. Our integrated parking solutions offer networked parking systems, combine bespoke software, entry and exit stations with integrated barriers and automatic pay stations. This creates a seamless parking experience that can be tailored to suit your particular site and parking needs.


    Hospital car park charges

    There is a lot of debate around charging for parking at healthcare settings, and we understand the considerations around this decision. However, flexibility around charging is key and being able to charge differently at varying times, or give free access to certain users is vital to improving your parking experience and efficiency. 

    Our systems can accommodate a flexible charging system. This works well for frequent outpatients, disabled patients, visitors or staff . 

    Access for patients, visitors and medical staff can be managed through BFT’s customised parking software. Whether that’s free car parking for patients, discounted or variable rates for visitors or short and long-term passes for staff, the system gives you total control and flexibility around your tariffs.

    Increasing hospital parking system efficiency

    A common problem with parking at healthcare facilities is overcrowding due to demand. Staff parking requirements may also need to cater for varying shift times. Parking at hospitals may also need to cater for limited mobility needs, longer term parking and emergency vehicle parking. 

    Using parking management systems at peak times

    Of course, you can’t completely eliminate challenges such as peak times like visiting hours, shift changeovers and clinic start and finish times but a car park system also can contribute by improving efficiency and flow.


    Minimising car park congestion and parking delays

    At BFT we offer modular parking systems that can help to manage the flow of traffic easily, minimising long waiting times. Automatic barriers are ideal for offering easy access whilst preventing unauthorised users. ANPR can create a frictionless experience and entry and exit columns allow staff with permits to enter and exit easily.

    Hospital car park security

    Making sure users of your parking facilities feel safe and that their vehicles will be secure is really important. Where security is lax, car vandalism increases and users may feel less inclined to use parking areas.

    A parking system can provide an added element of security. You can track exactly who is using the facilities and see when each group of users arrive and leave. A full management system and security equipment will also ensure your parking area security is strong.

    Hospital parking management systems from BFT

    At BFT Automation we offer tailored parking management solutions to help you improve your healthcare parking and the overall parking experience for visitors, patients and staff alike. We understand the importance of a well-functioning parking facility in a hospital or healthcare settings. Find out more about how our parking experts can work with you to improve your parking facilities today.

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