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    Improve your shopping centre parking

    As parking systems experts, BFT understand the importance of getting the most from of your car park. A shopping centre parking management system plays a key role in helping accessibility to your shopping centre, providing a seamless experience for customers and can help to boost your revenue. 

    The pandemic has thrown up a number of unprecedented problems. It has meant that revenue generation and customer service are more pivotal than ever before. We’re here to provide our expert solutions to your parking problems so you can focus on other areas. Our integrated systems and bespoke software provide an easy-to-use parking system solution.


    Parking facilities are key to supporting your retail business and potentially creating a strong revenue stream. A well run, up-to-date parking system can have the following business benefits: 

    • Boost revenue (whether directly through charges or indirectly through increased footfall)
    • Improve customer experience and encourage return visits
    • Integrate with existing equipment to provide a seamless experience and joined up approach

    At BFT we understand that there are several stakeholders involved in a parking system change at a shopping centre. This includes financial, operational and IT departments. We will work with everyone in your business to ensure we get full buy-in and create optimal parking solutions for you.

    With our exceptional hardware and integrated software as well as ongoing support services, BFT Automation can help you design the best parking management system for your shopping centre.

    Parking facilities in shopping malls:

    Improving and maximising the efficiency of your parking facilities can lead to several business benefits:

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    Improve your parking management visibility and control

    With your current parking facilities you may struggle to gain data and insights about the car park's usage. An integrated parking system can help capture data and manage the daily flow of visits. 

    This enables you to better structure your parking tariffs. For example, you could adjust your charges around peak times, or offer free parking at quieter times. You could even introduce a loyalty discount for frequent visitors. Closer monitoring also helps you prevent unauthorised parking and means you could also introduce space reservation systems for staff too.

    Our specialist parking software can integrate with ANPR or RFID systems to allow you closer control over who uses your facilities. Our ESPAS 30 ULTRA car park management system enables full integration with existing parking equipment to create a complete system optimisation with modular configuration options.

    Learn about Parking Solutions

    Revenue generation with shopping centre parking

    By investing in your mall parking facilities, you’re committing to a key way of making money too. Even if you don’t charge directly for your parking, by providing a top-notch parking area for customers you’ll deliver a better experience, naturally increase footfall and revenue overall. 

    If the idea of investing in a parking system is a challenging one, particularly in the current climate, there are ways BFT can support you with our finance options. Find out more about parking project leasing options.

    The retail industry is highly competitive and so you’ll want to do everything you can to have the edge.


    Improve the parking experience for customers

    More and more people are avoiding public transport and favouring their own forms of transport. Inevitably this puts more pressure on car parking facilities, meaning they need to perform at increasingly high levels. In general, retail park and shopping centre customers want parking facilities that are convenient, welcoming, spacious, well signposted and easy to use. 

    An efficient and effective parking system is really core to boosting the experience for visitors. It is likely to be one of the first impressions they’ll have of your shopping centre.

    Encourage return visits by reducing pain points such as hard to find payment machines, small spaces, difficult flow and signposting issues. If parking is an easy, pain free experience with accessibility and usability a top priority then you’ll be getting your customer experience off to a good start.

    Our ESPAS 20 entry and exit standalone parking systems are combined with an electromechanical barrier and an automatic payment machine. These are designed specifically as stand-alone devices, which means they can operate autonomously with no need for operational staff. These are ideal for small to medium sized shopping centres. 

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    Improving your parking systems can also save money and prevent wasted footfall. You can do this by minimising downtime caused by issues such as broken barriers and machines. These sorts of issues can cause long queues and inconvenience which might put people off visiting your shopping mall centre altogether. 

    Our parking management software enables this remote monitoring and ensures you can use the system to assess aspects such as barrier, pay station and entry and exit status. 

    Being able to monitor your parking systems remotely also helps with a reduction in theft and vandalism, creating a safer environment. You can spot problems immediately too and ensure customers are not inconvenienced, key at peak seasonal times especially. Flexibility and close monitoring is also vital for flow optimisation, particularly important in large shopping centres.

    At BFT we understand the importance of ensuring parking systems are scalable and therefore can be tailored to any site. Our parking project process ensures that we can design a tailored system for your site and your users.

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