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    Parking Project Financing

    Financing your parking system

    At BFT Automation we understand that investing in a new parking management system may initially appear to be a large financial commitment and may seem like it’s not a viable option for your business. If you think the initial outlay will be a problem, it may be worth considering a leasing option.

    Leasing could help to provide a solution to initial project funding. To discover more about the potential revenue returns from your a parking system, review our example parking project.

    Find out more about our financing your parking system or leave your details below to receive a call back.

    Why finance your Parking System?

    With a growing number of cars on our roads and their need to park, organisations are looking for ways to not only control the use of their parking areas but also to cover the costs of the local rates that they are currently paying.

    In many case today, organisations are actually looking at their parking areas to provide them with an additional revenue stream as it is well known that the potential income from a parking system can be significant. However, the technology and manpower needed to turn the space into a revenue collecting operation will require capital and all too often, organisations will have more projects requiring capital than it has capital available.


    Parking Project stages

    BFT Automation and its Parking Partners are expert in the field of parking systems and the design of bespoke parking technology solutions to meet the individual needs of business and other organisations. We will visit your site to assess the current environment, understand the goals of the organisation and identify additional efficiency opportunities based on other situations we have come across that the organisation might not have considered. Together with the customer, we will then agree the full scope of our proposed plan.

    Parking Revenue benefits

    Don’t worry if you don’t have the capital to pay for the full implementation of a BFT parking revenue system. Choosing a finance lease means that you will only need to pay one quarterly payment in advance and, using the example of the small car park overleaf, this payment will be covered by the income from the system in just two weeks! Your leasing costs are fixed throughout the term of the agreement so you will not experience any interest rate hikes.


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