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    Installing automatic gates

    There are many benefits to electric gates; they are safe, secure and reliable but above all, they are convenient. When you have to get out of your car to open and close your gates, the temptation is to save time and effort by simply leaving them open. It should go without saying that a gate that remains open, is not really doing its job. However electric gates can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. As they are convenient to use, electric gates are more likely to be left closed when not in use and can therefore be significantly more secure. Electric gates offer many benefits:

    • Convenience: Getting in and out of the car to open or close your gates can be a real pain. Electric gates open and close in seconds without you having to get out of your vehicle. You can also let visitors in, from inside your home.
    • Style and Privacy: Electric gates can really enhance the appearance of your property, wrought iron gates are a really popular and come in a wide range of designs. Alternatively, wooden gates can completely screen your property and provide privacy.
    • Security: Closed gates can provide a deterrent for intruders and electric gates can be fitted with magnetic locks to secure them, certain systems have irreversible geared motors which stop the gates from being forced open.
    • Safety Being able to close your gates easily can provide peace of mind that children and animals will stay safely within the boundaries of your property.

    A guide to automatic gates

    Electric gates can provide a secure and convenient means of entering and exiting a property but before you invest, it is worth looking at all the options before deciding which ones to buy. If you have electric gates installed already, it may be possible to upgrade existing gates, which means that you can save money on the total installation costs. There are the many different factors to think about:

    1. Gate mechanism

    The most common and convenient style of installation is swinging gates however sliding gates may be the best option in certain circumstances. Swing gates open and close like standard gates and if you already have manual gates installed, there should be room for an automated system.

    2. Choosing a material for the gates

    As well as choosing the type of gate system, you will also need to decide whether you prefer wood or metal as the material for your electric gates. Wooden gates can offer the greatest privacy, but if you want a highly ornate and decorative finish, then wrought iron will be your best option. Wooden gates will usually require the most maintenance, and may require replacing sooner than their metal counterparts, but they are a popular choice for their natural finish.


    3. Automation systems

    There are typically two options, above-ground or underground.  An underground system is typically more expensive and requires some excavation, however the mechanical and electrical components are hidden. Above-ground automatic gates are typically less expensive and more convenient to install but will be on visible on the inside of the gates. 

    4. Safety features

    Safety is a consideration with automatic gate systems. A variety of sensors and systems are available so that the gates will not automatically close on children, pets, visitors or cars. A manual back-up operation can also be included as part of the installation, which means that you can still open and close the automatic gates, even if the power goes off.


    5. Intercoms and entry systems

    An intercom is the most commonly used of all entry systems, so that when a visitor calls, you can decide whether to let them in and then press a button to open the gate. You may also have your system programmed so that the gates are unlocked at certain times, allowing parcels and the mail to be delivered each day.  

    Getting started

    Buying and installing a gate system is not a straight-forward process and each site will be different so it is important that you use a professional installer. They will be able to conduct a site survey and recommend the best system for you. You can view examples of previous gate projects in our installation gallery. Installers will also advise you, not only about the mechanism and style of the gates but also ensure that you have appropriate safety in place. Automatic gates can be dangerous if not installed correctly, so it is vital to use a reputable professional installer.

    BFT Automation does not install gates but we manufacture a wide range of automatic gate systems which can power gates of almost any size. We are recognised for building reliable and robust gate operators. We work with a large number of independent professional installation companies across the UK. We can put you in touch with a professional with years of experience who can guide you through the process. If you would like to make an enquiry please click the button below.


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