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    Extended Warranty (3 years on all products, 5 years on products with a service contract)

    BFT Automation UK Limited has announced a significant enhancement to our warranty programme to provide greater value to our customers. From 1st January 2024, all BFT branded products will come with a three year warranty, from the date of purchase, providing an additional year to the existing two year warranty. We are also offering a further two years extended warranty, for professional installers who provide regular maintenance and servicing on BFT products.
    The robust design of our automation technology means BFT products will carry on working reliably for many years if installed correctly and regularly maintained by professional installers, so we are pleased to be able to offer a total of five years warranty on BFT products from the date of purchaseThe provision of the extended warranty is conditional on the professional installer providing both a copy of the invoice showing the purchase date of the BFT products and the service record for all the BFT components that are part of the installation.
    This extended warranty not only reflects the confidence we have in the durability of our products but also reinforces our commitment to delivering value to our installing customers by providing what we believe is the most extensive and comprehensive warranty terms in our industry.


    Q. Who can claim the warranty (3 or 5 years) on a product during the extended warranty period?
    A. The original purchaser of the product can claim the warranty by producing the invoice as proof of purchase from BFT Automation UK Ltd and the installation service record which shows that the installation has been serviced at least every 12 months since first installed.

    Q. What is the claiming process?
    A. Claiming the BFT extended warranty follows the same process as the standard BFT warranty claim. Products must be returned to BFT with a valid Goods Return Number (GRN) issued by a member of the BFT Technical Team. This GRN must be provided with the returned product(s) along with the attached BFT Returns Form [Click here]. We cannot accept any product back without both the GRN and the BFT Returns Form. The product(s) will then be subject to the usual warranty terms [Click here]. Following the inspection by BFT, the product will be returned to you repaired or replaced with a new or like-for-like product. If there is no GRN with your item, we cannot process this return.

    Q. What is the length of the warranty if we have no service & maintenance records?
    A. Products bought from BFT from 1st January 2024 come with a standard 3 year warranty from the date of purchase as shown on the invoice from BFT Automation UK Ltd.  Prior to this date, all BFT branded products came with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. For the extended warranty to apply, a copy of the installation service record must be provided that shows that the installation has been serviced at least every 12 months from the date it was installed.

    Q. I am the property owner and did not purchase the product directly from BFT Automation UK Ltd. Can I still claim?
    A. No.  The warranty and extended warranty (where applicable) remains with whomever purchased the product(s) from BFT Automation UK Ltd. All warranty claims must be provided with a valid BFT invoice. Property owners should contact the company who purchased the automation products from BFT Automation UK Ltd in order to make a warranty claim.

    Q. Will our replaced product carry a new warranty full term extension, for a further 5 years?
    A. No. The warranty on the BFT components of the installation starts from the original date of purchase (invoice date) and any products that are replaced are covered only until the end of the warranty period which is determined by the original date of purchase, not from the date of the replacement.

    Q. What constitutes a valid service for BFT motors and their accessories etc?
    A. BFT requires that products are serviced at least every 12 months and in line with any recommendations contained within the product installation documentation to be eligible for the extended warranty.

    Q. What service and maintenance records are required?
    A. Any extended warranty claim requires valid proof of purchase in the form of an invoice from BFT Automation UK Ltd together with the installation service record that shows that the product has been serviced at least every 12 months from when it was first installed.

    Q. How do I submit service and maintenance records?
    A. When making a warranty claim, BFT installing customers should contact BFT for a goods return number (GRN) when they will then be provided with an email address which they can use to send a scanned image of the original invoice and the installation service record to.

    Q. Over what period of time should the service and maintenance take place?
    A. BFT products should be serviced every 12 months from the date of installation throughout their warranty period.

    Q. What if scheduled maintenance is missed?
    A. The extended warranty would be invalidated if the products were not serviced every 12 months from the original date of installation.

    Q. Can I claim for warranty on a BFT product that I maintain/service, but that I did not originally purchase?
    A. No.  The warranty is only provided to the company or person who made the purchase. Any warranty claim should only be made by whomever purchased from BFT Automation UK Ltd.

    Q. Is the warranty valid if I purchased new BFT products from a business who is not BFT Automation UK Ltd?
    A. No as there are too many examples in the market of counterfeit product with our logo on. If you did not purchase the products directly from BFT Automation UK Ltd, you will need to contact the company you purchased them from and discuss the warranty they are prepared to provide you.

    Q. What products are covered under the extended warranty scheme?
    A. All products and accessories manufactured by BFT are covered under the BFT extended warranty scheme.

    Q. Do I need to register a product to be eligible for the standard or extended warranty?
    A. No, product registration is not required. However, evidence of servicing every 12 months is required when making an extended warranty claim.

    Q. When does the warranty on a BFT product start? (Invoice date/ installation date).
    A. The warranty on BFT products starts from the date of when the product was purchased from BFT Automation UK Ltd, as shown on the original purchase invoice, not the installation date.

    Q. Who pays for sending a BFT product that is suspected of being faulty back to BFT for inspection and potential repair or replacement?
    A . BFT’s warranty has always been a RTB (Return to Base) warranty and this aspect is not changing with this announcement.

    Q. What impact will this announcement have on the warranty terms that I offer my customers?
    A. None at all. However, it does provide you with more options when trying to improve the competitiveness of what you offer to your customers and prospects, being able to offer them a longer warranty on the automation if you wish, conditional on them taking out a service contract with you.

    Q. What about the products I bought at the end of 2023?
    A. Product purchased in 2023 have the original 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. The 3 and 5 year warranty options (from date of purchase) begin from 1st January 2024.

    If you have any further questions regarding this announcement, please contact us today. You can also refer to our terms of sale here.


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